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Threshold Academy is a future bookstore and alternative educational space in Western Massachusetts. Imagine a bookstore that is also a literary arts center, with performances and workshops—a hub for community and a site of utopian dreaming and resistance. People who are currently involved include: Zoe Tuck, Britt Billmeyer-Finn, Emily Hunerwadel, and Ell Davis. Zoe and Britt run the But Also series and teach workshops. Britt runs the At Home Library Residency. All four are working on getting a physical space up and running.

Threshold Academy is also an experiment in pedagogy located online and wherever its collaborators are! In collaboration with the The Operating System and others committed to similar visions: we’ll be building a library of open syllabi, developing workshops and skillshares on and offline, and focusing on the production of open source work-books and guides for the individual, community, and classroom alike.

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